New Release – KEMURI the Planet Ashes by KOJI The Planet Stoned Plus

KOJI The Planet Stoned Plus is a two-piece rock band active in Japan. KOJI is the vocalist, guitarist and composer. Yumiko is the bass guitarist.

“Our new song is called ‘KEMURI the Planet Ashes’. There is no pre-save, but it will be released on August 20th.”

“This tune imitated the beat of Mr. DJ KRUSH. KOJI has created and stocked a huge number of sounds. He sequenced them on the MPC2000 in his apartment in Tokyo,.”

“You might get the impression that it’s simple and calm, but the lyrics are the most abhorrent thing I’ve ever heard. A song without hope. KOJI doesn’t remember why it was written this way, but it was necessary for the rock show.”

“We’ve been playing this song at shows. The presence of KEMURI gives the gig’s set list a variety of stories. Whether it’s a dance tune or a rock and roll song, the order of the songs changes the way you feel.”

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