New Release – Still Waiting by Chasing Records

Chasing Records is a band from London, Ontario, Canada. Nathan Henderson is the guitarist and vocals. Andrew Fernandes is the bassist, writes the drums and other instruments heard throughout their songs. They are excited to finally rehearse and currently auditioning new members to play live in the near future!

“Our newest single that came out today is called ‘Still Waiting’.”

Nathan: “The lyrics do have a special meaning to me, however I don’t want to take anything away from the listener and what it could mean to them. So right now, we are going to hold off on the direct meaning. This was one of the first songs that I’ve written about someone/something really personal to me.”

“I think with this single we are excited, however there is always a sense of panic or uncertainty. We feel our music coming out is much more polished and hopefully our fans and listeners will see our growth over the last year.”

“We wouldn’t say that this release is the same as our first EP, however I think we still have that “Chasing Records” sound. We are certainly excited to finally start playing all our songs including ‘Still Waiting’ together since restrictions have been lifted in the last couple months.”

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