New Release – Anxiety by Luna Kat

Luna Kat is an independent artist based in New York City, who is just getting started. This Aussie girl grew up between Sydney, Shanghai, and New York City. She is inspired by the global music and art scene. Her work is Bedroom Pop with influences of Indie, R&B, and the chill vibes of lo-fi aesthetic.

On 10th August her track ‘Anxiety’ will be out. A pre-save can be found here.

What inspired you to write this song?

“I have been wanting to write a song about mental health for a while. It’s been a crazy year, and a lot of things have gone on in my personal life that have made my anxiety go up the wall. So I thought what better way to understand what I’m going through then put it in a song? Maybe someone will even find it relatable?”

Do the lyrics have a special meaning to you?

“Of course! It was important for me to correctly capture what anxiety is to me. When it’s bad it’s a physical feeling described in the chorus as “roots growing in my chest”. In the versus, I also mention all the different ways it’s impacted my life, my relationship with myself, and with others.”

Is there a story behind the artwork?

“I make all of my own artwork, and lyric videos. The lyrics are quite serious, but the overall beat and vibe of the song is so fun and almost video game-like. So I wanted to have that theme show in the artwork. It’s me, covered in these cartoon thorns and everything around me is a bubble gum pink. Sonically, there is a contrast between the lyrics and the beat. I wanted this contrast to feel present in the artwork as well.”

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