Monthly Mixtape 2021-07

Our favourite 100 tracks we have discovered in July 2021 (random order). Click the cassette to be directed to the Spotify Mixtape.

Featuring: Between The Jars, Near Mrs, Elephant Memoirs, Dizzy Panda, OJ Beats, Amongst the Pigeons, GANGS OF KIN, Subrasive, Radiant Heart, Your Machine ft Jessica Robb, Dstreet, 3mind Blight, The Blue Gap, Finn, Tony Fresco, Tanya Winch, Cloudjumper, Joshua Quimby, Jenny Colquitt, Banji, Sam & Julia, Fransico Sola, Bourbon Blues Ensemble, Ave y Nada, The Perics ft Reckless Velvet, Re:becca, Arlie Nuth, Amby Alexander, Justjoey, Gregory David Roberts ft D’yani, The Kronskies, AJAYE, Sarah Connolly, Notelle, Third Lung, Davesings, Pepe and the Bandits, Distant Images, Orbis, Leonard Damron, Seepeoples, Landis Earthborn ft Earl Cutter, Strewing, Daniel Charles Cook, Ras Gee, Michael Donoghue, BTRK, M’ren Capone, HD Bradley, Lunar Cell, The Electric Sugar, Bumsy and the Moochers, Ditsea Yella, Morning Dan ft Red Powder and Franko Keys, Earth To Rex, Shoun Shoun, Bekim!, Neon Paradise, Dominic Romano ft Luna Keller, Luke LeBlanc, Alvinos Zavlis, El Brogia, Tilibop, Blue Doll, Once Were Fools, Postindustrial Poets, Sophie Dorsten ft. Alex Dorsten, Collective Music Society, The Frontier, Ronge, Lucas Gil, Wretched Pinhead Puppets, Lonewolves in Paradise, Daniel Scarsella, Claw Boys Claw, Strange World Music, Shadow of Light ft Redrum Music, Rosa Tu, Dirty Bynum, Benedict, Rod Fritz, The Wivez, Willy Nilly, Funkeykid Beatz, Emily Silver, Kabutoya ft miki, Steve Nolland, Mirjam Catal, Brainheart ft Brett Miller, Ele Ivory, Lisa Akuah, Fendahlene, Flint., Pink Lint, Roxanne Chapelle, Axel Neon, Sarah Buckley, Nightshift, Stripe.

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