New Release – Angel by Native Son

NATIVE SON is a 4-piece Long Island alternative rock group dedicated to bringing a dynamic and melodic brand of rock music to listeners. Formed in 2018 as an acoustic duo, the group has appeared all over Long Island, incorporating acoustic and classical sounds with alternative hard rock riffs and melodies. Two full length albums ‘The Acoustic Album‘ and ‘Give ‘Em All You Have‘ are available digitally, as well as several singles released over the past few months. On May 26th their new single ‘Angel’ will be released.

Here’s what singer Lou had to say about the new release:

“It’s a simple song lyrically, but I think it’s about a lot of things. One, being resolved and finding resolution with the past. Two, surrendering to the events of the past, having a short memory for transgressions and a long capacity for forgiveness, and finally, it’s about redemption, a return, a coming home after a long journey elsewhere.”

“In some ways, this song is about me, but kind of a frozen moment in time that I think a lot of folks can relate to. Who out of us hasn’t missed someone from the past, and wished for their return? Who hasn’t thought about just burying the old grievances and having just the good times back? These thoughts and impulses probably aren’t great to live by, but I thought it was fine material for a song.”

“My favorite memory of writing this piece is probably writing the main guitar solo. It took several hours of persistence to write a 20-second part, but I’m glad for that now, and honestly, I enjoyed the process. I was greatly inspired by Vivaldi’s Four Seasons while writing this and I think that influence particularly comes out in that solo.”

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