New Release – Will I Ever by Demi Michelle

New Release – Will I Ever by Demi Michelle

Demi Michelle is a pop and country songwriter from Pittsburgh, PA. She’s always loved music from a young age. She began piano lessons when she was ten, took voice lessons in high school and learned guitar in college. Demi discovered her passion for songwriting in 2017, and after two years of exploring songwriting, she decided to pursue a career in the music industry in 2019.

Demi aims to be authentic in her music. She draws on her personal experiences and emotions while writing, and she thinks of each of her songs as a piece of her life to share with the world.

On May 21st Demi will be releasing ‘Will I Ever’. Everyone who pre-saves this single unlocks an exclusive behind the lyrics video!

Do the lyrics have a special meaning to you?

“Yes, the lyrics mean so much to me. ‘Will I Ever’is my most vulnerable song yet, and as hard as it is to confess that, it’s the truth. My goal as a songwriter is to be honest and authentic, and sometimes, that means opening up about very personal aspects of my story. In the song, I ask the question, “Will I Ever know how it feels to fall in love?” I think about this a lot, and writing ‘Will I Ever’ allowed me to process my thoughts and emotions.”

“Aside from the clear message of the song, the lyrics are sprinkled with imagery and metaphors. I love to paint a picture with my lyrics, and my favorite lines in this song come from the second verse. The lyrics are, “I fall for dreams, trust butterflies, keep counting my clouds, but they don’t add to nine”.”

When releasing a new single, is there a sense of excitement or panic?

“There’s definitely a mix of both. After working so hard on a song for months, from the beginning of the songwriting process to the final master of the song, all a songwriter can hope for is that others love it, too. That being said, I’ve tried to develop the mindset that I’m proud of this song, and despite the song’s success, I’ll always love it.”

“I’m most excited for the release because ‘Will I Ever’ is the lead single off my debut album ‘Dear Diary’. I’ve waited so long for this moment, and I can’t wait for the first piece of the album’s story to be out. On the other hand, there’s a sense of panic because as I mentioned, this is my most vulnerable release so far. It’s a little scary sharing a song like this, but I hope others all over the world can connect to it and know they’re not alone on their journey.”

Is there a story behind the artwork?

“The artwork for ‘Will I Ever’ is my favourite single artwork so far, and there’s definitely meaning in it. First, I love butterflies, and I think they’re good luck. I wanted to tie the butterfly theme into the artwork, and this also ties into the lyrics I shared from the second verse that have the word, “butterflies,” in them. While I was doing the cover art photo shoot, my photographer had me take pictures in front of a butterfly wall. It was totally meant to be that there was a butterfly wall at the location where we did the shoot. My graphic designer brought out the butterflies even more when she designed the artwork.”

“Also, the artwork looks like it’s a page out of a notebook. Since the album is called ‘Dear Diary’ the album art looks like the cover of a book, so I wanted to tie that into the lead single. ‘Will I Ever’ is the first track on the album, and as I like to call it, entry one from the musical pages of Dear Diary. The ‘Will I Ever’ artwork captures the metaphor of being a page out of the album, the first piece of the story.”