New Release – Hurricanes and Typhoons by Postindustrial Poets

Imagine guys who love to mess around with guitars, amps and pedals, but spent years listening to soul and blues. Introducing: the Postindustrial Poets. The Poets will release their new single ‘Hurricanes and Typhoons‘on May 7th.

“At the end of a recording session, late last year, someone checked what was going on in the world. Two of our friends from Twitter were off-line. One, Daniel Tidwell, because of a hurricane that had hit Alabama. Another, Ann Badere-Santos, lives in Manila. And Manila was being hit by the biggest typhoons for decades. And that inspired the first line of the song “Some of our friends are hit by hurricanes, while others shelter from typhoons”.”

“And then a chat between two of our Australian mates – Byron Smith and Tube Amp 101 inspired the second verse, which is about wildfires. And climate change is a big issue for us. So it all began to take shape.”

“We have dealt with current events before, but this is more political. And musically it was challenging. It started off as quite a chilled electric piano piece but we turned it into something more upbeat. It isn’t really a guitar rock track. We hope people will be okay with it! It’s also going to be our shortest song at 2 minutes 25 seconds. (We have a shorter instrumental though).”

“Our mutual friend Skylar Nevaeh is producing a video for this. It is going to be brilliant! You will find it on our YouTube Channel, which is worth visiting these days!”

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