New Release – Rain by Leigh Thomas

Leigh Thomas is a singer/songwriter, guitarist from Australia. His next single ‘Rain‘ is ready to pre-save for April 2nd release. ‘Rain’ features OrangeG playing harmonica.

“I met OrangeG online via Twitter in 2020, and we became good friends, and he introduced me to the Hambones Open Mic events, which I regularly perform at. He mentioned that he would like to collaborate with myself, among others, and when I wrote this song I thought it had scope for some harmonica riffs and a solo. We sent files back and forth until we had a track that we both thought was great for the song. I recorded all the tracks here in Australia with my producer, and the harmonica was recorded by OrangeG in The USA.”

“The song is somewhat philosophical, and examines the existential crisis that humans face collectively and is echoed individually, whereby we feel alone and deserted by the Universe and each other, when in fact the realisation that we came out of it, and are continuously replenished by it, rather than being placed into it and having to fight for replenishment, should bring us peace.

“The song is presented as melodic, pop/rock guitar based with some leanings toward blues and even psychedelic pop.”

“The artwork was my own concept, but came about slightly accidentally. I originally wanted a wet or water based theme, but the Australian Summer did not cooperate. During a photo shoot on a hot dry day, I noticed an area of arid, cracked earth, and decided to go that way instead, capturing my midday shadow.”

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