New Release – Dreams We Used To Know by Dara Barry-Hayes

Dara Barry-Hayes is a singer-songwriter based in Skerries Co. Dublin, originally from Limerick City. He’s a long time music listener, but it’s his first time writing, recording and releasing his own music. He released his debut EP in January. His song ‘I Want To Know Everything‘ from his debut EP was a Cool Top 20 hit.

His new single ‘Dreams We Used To Know‘ will be released this Friday, 2 April.

“The song is about those dreams that, as a child, you had – playing professional football or being a famous rockstar. We all had them but at some point most of us had to leave those dreams behind and get a job or go to college. The song is about reflecting on those innocent times sitting on your bed playing guitar wanting to be like John Lennon – remembering how you felt and how you viewed the world once upon a time.”

“The inspiration for the song was definitely my three children. My two boys want to be professional skateboarders and they see no barriers to achieving this. My little girl just wants to be a princess or a fairy, and you know she believes that it will definitely happen even though she already is a princess. Their dreams of what they want to achieve like mine back 30 years ago are so real and the difficulties etc. never considered-  it made me look back and reflect on what I once aspired to be.”

“I am currently editing the video to accompany the release and I’m hoping to release that April 3rd. I made it myself all on my phone one early morning in Limerick City, which is where I am from. I wanted to video to show Limerick at sunrise and also to be completely empty of people just a new perspective on the city and surrounding area focusing on old places I knew growing up and buildings, nature etc.”

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