New Release – Icarus (Burning Sun) by Blake Sonnet

Blake Sonnet is a professional songwriter from the UK, normally found behind an acoustic guitar giving you his soul. In 2021 he will be releasing a song every month. On March 26th he will be releasing ‘Icarus (Burning Sun)‘.

“This song is about excess living addiction and doing something too much. We all search for something outside ourselves to make us happy, complete, often it is never enough and we spiral deeper into our obsessions that eventually control us. The Native Americans call it the sickness of the white man. I think my addiction other than coffee is playing live and there are some references to that idea in the song. It uses the ancient story of Icarus as a metaphor of flying too close to the sun and you will get burned…”

“At the beginning and end of this song I used a Sparkler to get the sound of wings burnt by the sun and I nearly set the microphone on fire and the fire alarm went off in the studio!!!”

“It is a sense of great excitement that someone somewhere is enjoying and interpreting my work for themselves. My songs once released belong to other people and take on a life of their own.”

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