New Release – Mistake by Myla Vie

Myla Vie is a London (UK) based songwriter. She started working on her own music in 2019. Her new track ‘Mistake’ will drop on Friday. It’s available for pre-save here. The genre of the song is modern r&b/hip hop.

“This song was about a toxic relationship I had experienced in the past that had left me broken and lost. The song and the lyrics are about the realisation you go through after the sadness has passed when you discover yourself again and no longer will tolerate anymore bad behaviour in a relationship. I was inspired to write about the positive side of finding yourself again and gaining your inner confidence back, especially after an abusive relationship.”

“I am hoping to achieve more genuine fans that enjoy my music and hopefully start making a stamp in the music industry. I recorded and mixed this record at home on my laptop!”

“The artwork is simply a representation of Myla Vie… but digging deeper, I used to be bullied for being ginger when I was young, so it represents taking the power back and being confident in yourself and your own skin.”

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