New Release – What if I Never Met You by Melisa Mia and Thiago Trosso

Melisa Mia is a Singer-Songwriter by the Sea, writing in many genres and styles both in solo and collaborative work. Melisa Mia writes songs about the people around her. She released two singles ‘Passing People‘ and ‘Old Friend‘. On 12 March her new track will be released. Here’s a link to pre-save.

What can you tell us about your release?

“It’s a pop/rock ballad, inspired by those people that come into your life in your darkest moments, pick you up and take you forward, rebuild you back up again and make you believe in yourself. You and your life would not be the same without them. “

“This track was recorded all over the world: piano in South Korea by Boyoung Hailey Joe, violin in Russia from Rita, vocals in Hastings by Melisa, backing vocals & produced in London by Thiago Trosso.”

What are you hoping to achieve with this release?

“Music wise, we want to see our songs reach more playlists so we know our songs are getting out into the world. On a personal note, we want to say thanks for all those people that have been a part of helping us in our lives and believing in us, because without them we wouldn’t be in the moment we are in now.”

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