New Release – Get Down by Fonz Tramontano ft. PWasy

Fonz Tramontano is an independent synth music artist / producer from Sheffield UK. His new track ‘Get Down‘ will be released on 5 March.

“The song is a House / EDM track. It song was inspired by watching some video footage of Ibiza and the clubs there. I wanted to recreate the feeling of dance music with a balearic overtone which PWasy gave with the piano lead. Sort of a holiday feel.”

“I wrote the track, recorded, mixed and mastered the track from my Mileven Studio in Sheffield UK. I sent the pre-mastered instrumental track to PWasy in Canada and she recorded the piano lead and outro. She sent it to me and I recorded the vocals and then mixed and mastered it.”

“I always use pictures of beautiful women on the cover of my releases. With this cover I wanted to get the feeling of movement across to the listener. This cover perfectly illustrates the song.”

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