New Release – The Stories of Others EP (Part 2) by Chasing Records

The Stories of Others EP (Part 1) was released January 22, 2021. Part 2 will be released on February 26. Here’s what Chasing Records had to say about their new EP.

“This EP is definitely more up-tempo than our last and possibly more radio friendly, especially our single ‘Who’s Lonely Now?‘ which came out February 19th.”

“Throughout the EP we really cover the stories of other people in our view. Most songs are from heartbreaks, despair and loneliness. Lyrically most people will be able to easily relate to the songs on the EP.”

“Since we have mostly been in lockdown, both EP’s we’ve released we have not been able to jam to put this together. The process has been sending recordings of the different parts until we were happy and finally have them mixed and mastered. It definitely has its challenges but overall it might have sped up the process to some degree!”

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