New Release – Our Parade by Marveline

Marveline makes guitar-ish pop music, with the occasional spaced-out instrumental. The new release ‘Our Parade’ will be the first tune since the ‘Savoury-Toothed Tiger’ album from 2020. It’s already available on Bandcamp and Spotify will follow on 19 February. This is the pre-save link. Here’s what Marveline had to say about ‘Our Parade’.

“The song is a guitar-driven indie-pop tune with a heroic bass track. It’s been a long and strange, lonely time in so many ways for the past year. I wanted to express some hope and joy in what’s possible, in the form of a plea from one lover to another, and to revel in the wonders of each other. I want this tune to be enjoyed by as many people as possible, and bring extra attention to last year’s album too.”

“The song was recorded in my studio, The Peppermint Lounge, here in Sydney, Australia, and mixed and mastered by Josh Schuberth at Endomusia productions. I do a lot of mixing, but sometimes prefer someone else to mix my own material.”

“The art work features The Owl and Scary Rabbit, both characters who will be starring in the video I’m currently shooting for the tune. There’s a strange chess match taking place inside an abandoned cinema floating in space. That’s the idea, let’s see how it pans out. “

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