New Release – That’s When You Blew My Mind by Postindustrial Poets

The Postindustrial Poets like to sing songs that tell stories. A new story will unfold on 12 February, ‘That’s When You Blew My Mind‘. What can we expect from this next chapter?

“The song is about love, travel and transcendent moments. And it is about the sounds maybe more than anything we have released in the past.”

“This release is different from our previous releases. I think most of what we release has quite a blues or soul influence – and this hasn’t. It is much more a rock song. And like our first release ‘Down by the Docks‘ it is great to play. A fun guitar workout! In fact, we will release it together with a shorter instrumental version. The idea is that if you play them together you will get a long outro. And the next thing that is different is probably that it is really happy! There are no break ups. No one dies. The other thing that should work out different is that we plan to release a Spanish version a few weeks later. Hope that works out.”

“I started writing it early in 2020, at the same time as I started writing ‘It Happens All the Time‘. I had an idea for the verse – I had the whole lyric – while I was away working, got back, re-tuned a guitar to a special tuning and played it. Virtually no false starts. And then the second section came quickly too. Then I spent months thinking about how to structure it.”

“The second part is autobiographical, which is about travelling on dirt roads from Bolivia to Chile. That is something I did a long while ago. It made a big impression on me. I think I needed to write about.”

“We hope to have a video soon. We want Skylar Nevaeh to put it together again, because she made such a good job on the others.”

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