New Release – Orchid by Rose Alaimo

Rose Alaimo is a one-lady band based in Ithaca, New York (USA). Her new single, Orchid, scheduled for release on 9 February, was originally recorded 19 years prior! What can you tell us about ‘Orchid’?

“I indeed recorded the song originally 19 years ago, and it features a much younger me on lead vocals and bass. I kept the original vocals to show my younger self that someday, people actually WOULD hear this music. I re-did the rest of the tracks in my home with production mentorship from producer Jamie Hill.”

“Before I went away to veterinary school (Rose is a veterinarian, ed.). I played with this amazing band, and we closed every gig at 2am with a blast-you-in-the-face cover of Neil Young’s ‘Cortez the Killer‘. I wrote this song as a tribute to those late-night jam vibes.”

“With this release I’m hoping to continue to get my music out there! I write and record all of my own music and I also play all the instruments. My last album introduced me as a singer-songwriter/folk singer, but I also have strong rock leanings, and I’m hoping this will show through in ‘Orchid’ with the heavier vibe and focus on lead guitar. It is also a nice intro to the more vast rock themes of my upcoming album ‘Grow’, which will be released this summer.

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