New Release – Sick Without You by Skylar Nevaeh

On February 12th Skylar Nevaeh will be releasing her new track ‘Sick Without You’. She chose this particular date for the release, because it’s her dad’s birthday. A pre-save link can be found here.

“This song describes how you can miss someone you love when they are not around. Some people really experience a feeling of sickness when they miss someone, similar to being homesick, which is a horrible feeling. It also describes the feeling of wanting to take it slow to get to know someone, to get to know them better and not rush things. It could also be viewed as a romantic love song. But in my opinion it’s always great to find your own personal interpretation of the song too.”

Is this release any different from your previous releases?

“This song is different from my other releases as it contains more lyrics. I step out more
with my singing voice. I’m also practicing my songwriting, so that’s really exciting for me. This release is the first step in my journey of writing full lyrics for some of my new songs. However, I am also planning to make instrumentals and songs with minimal vocals. I love making all three sorts of songs.

Will this release also be accompanied by music video?

“Yes, there will be a video with the same theme as my most recent release ‘Leaving The Dark‘. It will contain video’s I collected from the vintage archives. The video is like a short romantic movie. It will be released on the same day as the song on February 12th. I will be publishing the video on my YouTube Channel.”

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