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Alex Francis
Robi Mitch

COOL TOP20 2022 wk32

1 5⇡If I Can’t Have YouAlex Francis4 1
2 6⇡Nothing New Under The SunRobi Mitch32
4 7⇡The Writing’s On The WallCivic Green 🆒62
5 1⇣Calmer WatersThirsty Curses 🆒51
6 5⇣Friday 13th – Wet Wings & Dry TentaclesMAJOR WEAKNESS75
7 14⇡Purple FogElectric Ghost Machine27
8 8⇢Dopamine DreamsThe Frontier 🆒68
9 19⇡Wish I was in heavenJONSAW 🆒29
10 -⇡What the World WantsCharity Stow110
11 7⇣Invisible GirlVix20 🆒86
12 12⇢One day some dayCharlie Smith 🆒512
13 16⇡Live to Die The Chase313
14 17⇡ElectrifiedShambertans214
15 9⇣IceHelaine Vis49
16 -⇡StreetfightRussel Joslin, High Black Water116
17 -⇡Airbrushed PicturesOh! Paolo117
18 10⇣Ben NevisThe Future Us 🆒101
19 20⇡CreaturesNick Amling219
20 -⇡Her CrimeStorm of Crowes, Alison Johnson120

Drawn to the Ruin
You Reap What You Sow

Vicious Circle

How I Feel

Darron Mason
The Dead Licks (Bucket Playlist)
The Metal Byrds (Radio de Schans)

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