COOL TOP20 2022 wk 21

1 1⇢Oceans Dusty Grant 🆒 7 1
2 2⇢Night to DaySkinny Dippers 🆒 62
3 5⇡Admiring the View The Jonny Phillips Trio 🆒 63
4 10⇡ResolutionThe Future Us 🆒44
5 6⇡Take Me Down
Oddwall 🆒, Azuma
6 3⇣ AloneLyon Tide 🆒73
7 9⇡Take the LeapThe Arcades47
8 14⇡The UnkindDust City Opera28
9 15⇡Never Stop (Loving You)Fisj 🆒29
10 7⇣ Weigh DownKatanak 🆒47
11 4⇣
100 Doors
Joe Peacock 🆒81
12 8⇣Fridge NotesShayan Regan 🆒85
13 14⇡All HereSpring Owls313
14 19⇡Goodbye My FriendJoe Adhemar 🆒314
15 20⇡No RushYogishine215
16 -⇡Push BikesLee Ford116
17 19⇡Lazy LethargicThe Kairos217
18 -⇡Ho Holding Us BackCJ Commerford & The Supertones118
19 -⇡Amelie’s Safe HouseMagnesence119
20 -⇡Hair of the DogBag of Cans120

Out Of Here
Listen Up!
Gimme All Your Love

Lemony Rug
Excuses Excuses (Bucket Playlist)
The Rapports(Radio de Schans)
Harper James X (Skinny Dippers)

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