Harry J Hart
Dusty Grant

COOL TOP20 wk 48

1 2⇡It Calls OutHarry J Hart 🆒4 1
2 1⇣Up From HereDusty Grant 🆒7 1
3 5⇡Rhododendrons Umbrellabirds 🆒 63
4 6⇡BabydollSophie Dorsten 🆒,
Alex Dorsten
4 4
5 7⇡Champagne & CaviarDitsea Yella55
6 8⇡All for showThe Unknown Brothers36
7 9⇡AstronautRed Barnett37
8 2⇣The StonesAnger Bang72
9 10⇡That LookStratton 539
10 4⇣Sad Song Diddie Hair 🆒 61
11 13⇡No RegretsDev!n211
12 14⇡Run Baby RunHaydn Davies212
13 -⇡Mellow MoonFisj113
14 -⇡Not LostSkylar Nevaeh114
15 17⇡Well, It’s TimeDarknight215
16 11⇣Sunset KidsHOL 🆒67
17 12⇣SisterAlba58
18 -⇡Il dessine un sourire – remixFabien Lecomte118
19 -⇡Stuck Shoun Shoun119
20 16⇣I Can’t Get Over UBritt81
Stray Dogs

The Dead Freights
Jon Norman

In the spotlight

In the spotlight: Umbrellabirds

I have a confession to make. I like, no, I love, the Umbrellabirds. They make well crafted timeless folk songs, with sublime lyrics. Sometimes fragile, sometimes quite dark. Most songs are growers, just the way I like it. Umbrellabirds is the musical project of Sam Blickhan, Lewis Daly, and Alex Hunt. Their debut album ‘Umbrellabirds‘ was releasedContinue reading “In the spotlight: Umbrellabirds”


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